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Weapon Tweaks by Alexicon4

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A really simple bit of code that tweaks some of the ammo pools on selected weapons to make them more viable again. I was always a big fan of weapons like the Sig .40 and the SCAR, but a lot of weapons can't compete with the Chimano Custom and the CAR-4 in terms of damage. This code modifies the max ammo pool of a few weapons to make them capable of rivaling, but not surpassing, the heavy hitters of their field. You'll have to run it as a persistent script to make it function properly. For those interested, this was how I came about the new ammo amounts;

Note: All of this is done with the Fire Breather muzzle and not the Funnel of Fun.

CAR-4, fully modified, has a total ammo pool of 150 and can deal 45 damage per round, according to the weapon modification screen. This gives it a total potential ammo output of 6750.

A fully modified SCAR can deal 60 damage, 65 with a Funnel of Fun. I've increased its ammo from 80 to 100, which lets it deal between 6000 and 6500.

I used the Chimano Custom for the pistol tweaks. My fully modified Chimano, which I take on practically every heist, does 45 damage with a pool of 128 ammo, making its damage output 5760.

The Sig .40 was always a personal favourite, but, with its practically non-existent ammo pool, even when fully modified, its damage output was only ever barely 4000. Increasing its max ammo to 112 gives it a total damage output of roughly 5300.

The Broomhandle from the Historic Pack was, stats-wise, just a re-skin of the Sig .40 but with a higher damage output. Regularly, it'd deal 4.2k, and, if you wanted to build it with the precision parts, you'd end up with significantly less. Bolstering its max ammo to 100 gives it 5.3k damage.

I based all SMGs off my Scorpion, which I think is the highest current damage dealer in the SMG department. Now, I could be completely wrong there. My scorpion does 28 damage, and, with 160 ammo, that's a total of 4480. The Spec-Ops SMG has been given a small ammo boost, from 80 to 112, which now lets it do 4.2k damage. I also boosted the max ammo on the Swedish K, from 80 ammo to 110, which lets it do about 3.8k damage. Even with ghost spec'd into, it don't do much else, if more at all, when equipped with a silencer.

-- Alexicon4's Weapon Tweak

-- Credit where credit is due

if not AmmoIncrease then

	AmmoIncrease = true

	tweak_data.weapon.scar.AMMO_MAX = 100

	tweak_data.weapon.p226.AMMO_MAX = 112

	tweak_data.weapon.c96.AMMO_MAX = 100

	tweak_data.weapon.mp7.AMMO_MAX = 112

	tweak_data.weapon.m45.AMMO_MAX = 110


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could this mod be used to modify the ammo max of all weapons?

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