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The award system has been partly automated, and the days where members could add awards themselves are over :buhu:

Here is a guide for how to obtain the different awards on the forum.

Site Awards (automated on login when criteria is met)

  • 1,2,3 year anniversary
    Have been a member for 1,2 or 3 years
  • Critic
    Awarded if the user comments on anything in the download section
  • Blogger
    Awarded if the user posts a blog
  • Navigator
    Awarded if the user shares to a good website in the PirateDirectory
  • Mapper
    Awarded if the user marks his irl location on the membermap (currently disabled, waiting for map update)
  • Planner
    Awarded if the user plans something in the calendar
  • Uploader
    Awarded if the user uploads a file in any allowed download category
  • Poster
    Awarded if the user creates a topic

Skill Awards (manually added when the staff spots a user with skills)

  • Altruist
    Awarded if the user is helping others
  • Certified Guineapig
    Awarded if the user helped find/squash a bug or test something for us
  • Ripper
    Awarded to users uploading trainers or other useful stuff to the crewshares (donor forum) 
    Often accompanied by an invite to the uploader group if done correctly with pictures and nice formatting.
  • Teamspeaker
    Awarded to users who found their way to our teamspeak @ parrotspeak.com
  • Bilingual
    Awarded to users who masters more than one language. i.e. translators
  • Spotter
    Awarded to users whom are good at recruiting new crewmembers
  • Profile artist
    Awarded when staff finds a profile that has been tricked out

Roast Awards (manually added to people the staff likes to tease)

  • Noob
    Awarded to users who speaks without thinking or asks for help for extremely easy things
  • Scriptkiddie
    Awarded to users who tries to come off as coder, but is revealed have no knowledge of coding
  • Couchpotato
    Awarded to lazy users who cant be bothered to use the search function and expect others to find the link he needs
  • VAC Warrior
    Awarded to people who got entangled with the VAC monster
  • Grammar Nazi
    Awarded to users who points out the slightest grammar mistakes (usually accompanied by an insult)
  • Gullible
    Awarded to users who believes everything they are told, no matter how preposterous it sounds
  • Mutineer
    Awarded to users who knowingly acts against the interests of PiratePerfection

Donation Awards (will be automated when the creators of those two modules start working together, I have been poking them about it for 4 months and counting)

  • Almsgiver
    Awarded to popped virgin donors
  • Backer
    Awarded for 2nd donation
  • Bestower
    Awarded for 3rd donation
  • Heavy Hitter
    Awarded for 4th donation
  • Saviour
    Awarded for 5th donation

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