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The Wraith

F2 - Mod menu

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The Wraith
Opens the ingame mod menu


- Superman Mod: Fly around Payday just like superman!
- Helicopter Mod: Fly in a helicopter and maybe drop some unsuspecting bombs on enemies and your teamates.
- Driver Mod: Have you own drivable car and run over all those SWATS!!
- Lego Mod: Build Castles, Pirate Ships and more with Lego mod.
- Aimbot Mod: Be the best shooter on your team and have lightning fast reflexes while you sit back and relax.
- PVP Mod: Tired of shooting Cops and SWATS? Then shoot your team-mates in Free-For-All style with PVP Mod!
- Warehouse Mod: Starts to spawn waves of enemies in you safehouse automatically, so you don't have to do it manually.
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