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The Wraith

Numpad 1 - Character Menu

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The Wraith

Make you invulnerable to enemy fire.
High jump on sprint:
While running you can jump much higher than normal.
Increased run speed:
Make you run faster.
Infinite ammo:
No more reloading and you are never running out of ammo again.
Toggle increased weapon damage:
One hit kill them annoying piggies.
Increase melee damage:
Rocky who?? Enable this to hand out some serious asswoopin' with your choosen melee weapon.
Explosive bullets:
You ammo is explosive and stuns the enemies upon impact.
Toggle shoot through walls:
Make it possible to kill enemies behind walls, excellent combined with x-ray
Crazy firerate:
You might want to combine this one with infinite ammo, or you are gonna run dry very quickly.
No recoil:
Smooth sailin' no weapon recoil makes grouping your shots a breeze.
No weapon spread:
Make sure you hit exactly where you are aiming.
Long melee range:
Inspired by rubberman, you will be able to hit enemies from the other end of the map with melee attacks.
Very fast melee charge time:
The guys at the gym will be amazed at you lightning fast reflexes
Very fast melee:
Hits them where it hurts, very fast over and over again.
Weapon fires grenades:
Your weapon shoots grenades instead of bullet, slightly op.
Annoyer mode (speak without delays):
Highly annoying for your teammates, but funny as hell when you can yell at them constantly.
Hack mask off mode:
Take you mask off again, and the cops will ignore you unless you get too close and redetected.
Giveup to police:
Need to feed the parrot eh? take a deserved break in the slammer while your crew does the heavy lifting.
Additional Options:
Zaros will post image soon and add explanations


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