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Numpad 5 - Interaction cheats

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Interaction cheats:

Quickly rob stuff:
Steal everything of value on the map.
Open all vaults and deposits:
Exactly what it says, it opens all the bank vaults and the depositboxes inside.
Open all doors:
Instannt lockpicking all doors on the map.
Explode doors:
Plants C4 on all doors and opens the ball with a bang.
Remove all carry_drop from map:
I have no idea, gotta test this one lol
Place/upgrade/restore all drills.
set drills on all possible locations on map, upgrade those already placed and fixes drills if they break down.
Grab all small loot:
Picks up all loose cash/jewelry scattered across the map.
Grab all bags:
Autoenables carrystacker and picks up all bags that are on the map.
Pick up all Gage packages:
Tired of searching for these hidden treasure, well grab them all at once with this option.
Bag all corpses:
Pick'em, pack'em fire it up come along, bag all those bodies for easy retrieval.
Barricade all windows:
Places boards and/or planks on all barricadable places.
Crack all ATM's:
Open all the ATM's on the map, you still need to retrieve the small loot inside.
Answer all phones:
Dont miss the action being forced to answer that phonecalls in the middle of all the fun.
Revive all players:
All downed players will be magically revived, good for negating spook attacks.
Submenu - Interaction modifications:

Toggle interact with anything:
You no longer need the correct equipment to interact with object on the map.
Toggle instant interaction:
All interactions are instant i.e. opening doors, fixing drills, hacking pc's you name it.
Toggle fast interaction:
All interactions are faster than normal i.e. opening doors, fixing drills, hacking pc's you name it.
Toggle reset interaction speed:
Reset your interaction speed if you think it gets too easy with speedups.
Toggle infinite interaction distance:
All interactions can be done from across the map i.e you can open depositboxes from outside the vault.
Toggle interact through walls:
Lets you interact with objects through walls, very complimentary with interaction distance hack.
Toggle interact and look around.
Look behind you while you pick that safe, door or whatever that normally restrain you from moving freely.
Toggle instant intimidation:
Intimidating NPC's is guaranteed to succed, excellent with infinite converts.
Noone shall down: (note we might move this one)
Your team can't get downed
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