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Hello, you guys probably don't - but just might - know me by my YouTube channel. I sometimes will need to use lua scripts to make videos, but finding tools to accomplish what I'm trying to do can be very difficult. I would really like to have a collection of Lua tools dedicated to film making.


The needs vary from needing to spawn in any kind of unit, to needing to lobotomize enemies to needing to toggle hiding the outlines of bags (and other floating in-game icons that ruin the "film effect"). It really depends on the type of video I'm trying to make as to which script would be needed, but here is a list of things I have in mind

  • Spawn in enemies/units
  • Spawn in a vehicle, and be able to move that vehicle as if it were driving (the wheels don't have to turn)
  • Lobotomize enemies, and re-animate when prepared
  • Set enemy waypoints, to make them do a scripted thing
  • Spawn in civilian units and make them do scripted things
  • Force AI to spawn in, even in the safe house (especially in the safe house)
  • Set waypoints for AI, only have them go to their waypoint when a button is pressed so that you can be in position for filming
  • "Hold progress" - be able to test things without actually gaining progress from it (no money, no XP, no achievements)
  • Force advance to the next day
  • Force escape sequences


I realize some of these might be overly ambitious, but many (most?) of them are already existing. It would be nice to see them in one cohesive pack easy to use and maintain. This would help filmmakers like myself and many others to have the freedom to produce films within Payday 2.


If done correctly, this could even start a new machinima revolution within the Payday game and we could begin seeing very creative in-game shot fan movies and shorts similar to the popular Red vs Blue.


What do you guys think?

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Great idea, though final result may be separated into sort of heist editor, where you will have abillity to do stuff like this. We have some plans underground and some of them are being developed slowly.

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