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pp Config.lua tweaking discussion

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-- Pirate Perfection Reborn Main config
-- To turn on option here, after '=' write true, to turn off write false.
-- Config frequently being updated through versions, don't forget to update it

return {
-- Pirate Perfection Reborn related Options
	keyconfig = 'keyconfig',		-- Key bindings configuration filename. Use "keyconfig" (or false) to always load keyconfig.lua or "keyconfig_laptop.lua" for optimised for laptops default keys.
	check_for_updates = true,		-- This will check for new versions of Pirate Perfection and notify you, when it is available.
	announcements = true,			-- This will display announcements from Pirate Perfection about community events (including giveaways or group chat events)
	announcements_interval = 180,		-- Delay between game checks for new announcement
	HUD = true,				-- Set to false in order to disable ALL Pirate Perfection hud elements
	HUD_VersionText = true,			-- Displays current version of PPR in main menu
	HUD_MovingText = true,			-- Displays moving text in main menu and in game.
	no_liberty_hook = true,			-- ?
-- Logging Option
	LogErrorsToFile = true,			-- This will not only display PPR related errors into console, but will write them into errlog.log

-- General Options
 -- Language & Config Options
	Language = 'english',			-- Current language. Available languages: English, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Schinese, Tchinese. Set to false to automatically choose language.
	check_language_updates = true,		-- Set to true to automatically check and announce you, when any update for your language available
	DefaultConfig = 'default_config',	-- Default config file, that is loaded automatically.

 -- DLC & Skins Options
	NoStatsSynced = false,			-- Prevents statistics being published to Steam. Disable this, if you're having problems with unlocking certain achievement, just make sure to set your profile from Public to other visibillity.
	DisableBindings = false,		-- Set to true in order to disable all binds (maybe usefull when you want to use only DLCUnlocker and some stealth cheats, like no recoil)	
	DLCUnlocker = false,			-- Unlocks all dlcs in game. Use with caution, OVERKILL implemented check, if you wearing DLC item or creating DLC heist from DLC you don't own.
	AllSkins = false,			-- Gives you all skins
	NoSkinMods = true,			-- Prevents skins from automatically adding their own modifications.
	AllPerks = false,			-- Gives you bonuses from all perks. Currently works odd and may cause crash, when you change armors.
	freed_hoxton = false,			-- Unlocks old hoxton without need to complete heist and being in official payday 2 group
	unlocked_arbiter = false,		-- Unlocks the Arbiter Grenade Launcher without collecting the Gage spec ops cases.

 -- Lobby Options
	DisableAutoKick = true,			-- Turns off cheater auto kick option by default
	NoDropinPause = true,			-- Disables drop-in pause, works both on client and host side.
	HostMatters = true,			-- Host forces plan he choosed in preplanning ignoring other players votes.	
	FreeAssets = false,			-- Purchase assets at no cost.
	FreePreplanning = false,		-- Free preplanning elements + no favors consumed for purchasing them.

 -- Spoof Options	
	NameSpoof = false,			-- Your new name in game, set to false in order to use your steam name. Don't forget to write your name in "Quotation Marks"
	ReduceDetectionLevel = false,		-- Reduces detection level.

-- Exceptions Options
	ExceptionsEnabled = true,		-- Allows users to bypass some limit by warning (only equipment control stuff affected currently)
	ExceptionsCrashDetect = false,		-- Tries to detect whenever application was crashed or no. (Requires ExceptionsEnabled = true) Was planned to make process of locating latestcrash easier for cabin boys and it was success, but cabin boys experienced really weird problems with that.

-- Ingame autostart scripts
 -- Anticheat related Options
	DisableAnticheat = true,		-- Disables some anticheat checks, also it turns off DLC ownership checks.
	PreventEquipDetecting = false,		-- Experimental way to prevent extra grenades and equipments from tagging you as cheater. See stealth_cheating.lua for more info about method and negative effects aswell with its configuration.

 -- Equipment placement Options
	far_placements = false,			-- Allows you to place equipments at any distance, ahywhere (Will cause visual glitch, where dummy equipment will not appear, when you place something)
	equipment_place_key = '4',		-- Key, to that will be binded placement of equipments from menu

 -- Main Options
	NoCivilianPenality = true,		-- No penalities for killing civilians
	NoInvisibleWalls = false,		-- Removes invisible walls (Host only)
	RestartProMissions = false,		-- Allow restart pro missions
	RestartJobs = true,			-- Returns "Restart" button, when you're hosting game
	NoEscapeTimer = false,			-- No escape timer (Host only)
	ControlCheats = 1,			-- ( false - always off, 1 - Turns on control, when you're client on someone's server, 2 - Always on).
						-- This option will limit placement of your equipments and grenade throws in order to prevent randomly being marked as cheater.
						-- Aswell it will prevent you from randomly changing your current weapon.
	Crosshair = true,			-- Enable crosshair on all weapons											
	LaserColorR = 0,			-- Change your weapon's laser color.
	LaserColorG = 100,			-- Color format (as R.G.B.), 0, 128, 0 will be dark green.
	LaserColorB = 255,			-- Set to false to disable this feature.
	DontFreezeRagdolls = false,		-- Never freezes corpses. May cause performance issues!
	DontDisposeRagdolls = false,		-- Corpses never disappear. May cause performance issues!
	SecureAll = false,			-- Secure any bag on any map.

 -- Script Options
	FreeFlightTeleport = false,		-- Turning off freeflight will drop you at the position where freeflight camera was
	NoClipSpeed = 1,			-- Change how fast you move in NoClip Mod default value (1).

 -- Kill all script Options
	KillAllIgnoreTied = true,		-- Kill all script will ignore hostaged units.
	KillAllIgnoreCivilians = true,		-- Kill all script will ignore civilians
	KillAllIgnoreEnemies = false,		-- Kill all script will ignore enemies.
	KillAllTouchCameras = true,		-- Kill all scripts will kill all cameras aswell.

 -- Character menu Options
	JumpHeightMultiplier = 5,		-- Multiplier for player's jump height. Set to false for default value (5).
	RunSpeed = 115,				-- Maximum run speed. Set to false for default value (115).

 -- Job menu Options
	jobmenu_def_difficulty = 'hard',	-- Default difficulty choosed, when you host game from menu. Available difficulties ("easy","normal","hard","overkill","overkill_145","overkil_290")
	jobmenu_singleplayer = false,		-- Job menu will host singleplayer games by default (Can be toggled on/off in jobmenu manually)

 -- Game Fix Options
	DisableBulletFix = false,		-- Disables fix on delayed bullet effect play.
	DisableInvFix = false,			-- Disables fix on ctd, when other player changes weapon.
	EnableJobFix = true,			-- Replaces job_class values to 10, so other players will see lobbies with jobs these game thinks "too hard for them". You also can see these jobs now when search.

 -- Spawn menu Options
	SpawnUnitsAmount = 1,			-- Amount of units being spawned, when you select some unit to spawn
	SpawnPos = 'ray',			-- Spawn position ( "ray", "spawn_point", "random_spawn_point" )
	SpawnCivsAnim = 'cm_sp_stand_idle',	-- Default animation set for civilians, when you spawn them
	SpawnEnemyAnim = 'idle',		-- Default animation set for enemies, when you spawn them
	SpawnUnitKey = "7",			-- Spawn unit button

 -- Inventory menu Options
	rain_bags_amount = 10,			-- Default amount of rained bags
	SpawnBagsAmount = 1,			-- Default amount of spawned bags on single select.
	SpawnBagKey = "8",			-- Spawn bag button

 -- Slowmotion Options
	SmSpeed = 20,				-- Slow motion speed
	SmSlowPlayer = true,			-- Affects slow motion on player
	slowmo_protect = true,			-- Prevents client from being slowed by forced code
	slowmo_reverse = true,			-- Sends the effect back to the sender

 -- Xray Options : Color format (as Red.Green.Blue.), 0, 128, 0 will be dark green.
	XrayCams = true,			-- Xray will highlight cameras
	XrayCamsColR = 255,			-- Camera's highlight color (Orange)
	XrayCamsColG = 50,
	XrayCamsColB = 0,
	XrayCiv = true,				-- Xray will highlight civilians
	XrayCivColR = 0,			-- Civilian's highlight color
	XrayCivColG = 0,
	XrayCivColB = 255,
	XrayCops = true,			-- Xray will highlight enemies
	XrayCopsColR = 255,			-- Cop's highlight color
	XrayCopsColG = 0,
	XrayCopsColB = 0,
	XraySpecialColR = 150,			-- Special's highlight color
	XraySpecialColG = 50,
	XraySpecialColB = 205,
	XraySniperColR = 0,			-- Sniper's highlight color (Green)
	XraySniperColG = 125,
	XraySniperColB = 0,
	XrayFriendlyR = 50,			-- Converted enemies color
	XrayFriendlyG = 205,
	XrayFriendlyB = 255,
	XrayItems = true,			-- Highlight some important to objective items (Highlights Framing Frame 3 objects and key cards)

 -- Teleporter Option
	TeleportPenetrate = true,		-- Set to true if you want to penetrate through walls and props, when teleporting

 -- Troll menu Options
	TrollAmountBags = 5,			-- Amount of bags spawned on victims.

 -- AimBot Options
	ShootThroughWalls = false,		-- Allow AimBot shoot through walls.
	MaxAimDist = 5000,			-- AimBot max. detection range.
	AimbotInfAmmo = false,			-- Enable infinite ammo for AimBot.
	AimbotDamageMul = 2,			-- Damage multiplier, set to false to use default weapon damage.
	AimMode = 3,				-- AimBot mode (1 - Only auto shoot, 2 - Only aim, 3 - Auto aim and shoot).
	RightClick = true,			-- Only let the AimBot work if the right mouse button is held

 -- Lego Options
	LegoFile = 'default',			-- Default lego file.
	LegoDeleteKey = 'h',			-- Delete props button.
	LegoSpawnKey = '6',			-- Spawn props button.
	LegoPrevKey = '7',			-- Quick-switch to previous prop from the list
	LegoNextKey = '8',			-- Quick-switch to next prop from the list

 -- Loot Card Spoofer Option
	SpoofCards = false,			-- Fake your multiplayer loot drops to always drop a random safe or drill

 -- Debug HUD Options
	DebugDramaDraw = false,			-- Enable drama HUD.
	DebugStateDraw = false,			-- Enable displaying state on unit.
	DebugConsole = false,			-- Enable debug console.
	DebugNavDraw = false,			-- Enable displaying debug navigation fields.
	DebugAdditionalEsp = false,		-- Enable additional esp on units.
	DebugMissionElements = false,		-- Enable drawing mission elements.
	DebugElementsAdditional	= false,	-- Enable drawing additional mission elements.
	EnableDebug = false,			-- Enables debug menu, this also enables freeflight. (Menu got wiped by devs)
	LegacyMenu = false,			-- Use config file names in PPR Setup menu

-- Custom Safehouse
	SafeHouseDoors = true,			-- Makes doors actually doors in the Safe House
	SafeHouseInvest = false,		-- Put your offshore money on the line to increase or decrease your funds
	SafeHouseInvestAmt = 1,			-- Amount of money to give to put on Safe House Investment
	SafeHouseLego = false,			-- Automatically loads a file named 'custom_safehouse' upon entering the Safe House

 -- Enables Sub Menus for PPR Setup Menu
	announce_sub = true,			-- No need to Change something,
	HUD_sub = true,				-- this is just to prevent some errors,
	general_sub = true,			-- getting logged in the console,
	anticheat_sub = true,			-- to reduce lag caused by this.
	equipment_sub = true,			--
	misc_sub = true,			--
	flying_sub = true,			--
	KillAll_sub = true,			--
	character_sub = true,			--
	job_sub = true,				--
	Spawn_sub = true,			--
	inventory_sub = true,			--
	slow_sub = true,			--
	Xray_sub = true,			--
	aimbot_sub = true,			--
	Lego_sub = true,			--
	SpoofCards_sub = true,			--
	LaserColor = true,			--
	XrayCamsCol = true,			--
	XrayCivCol = true,			--
	XrayCopsCol = true,			--
	XraySpecialCol = true,			--
	XraySniperCol = true,			--
	XrayFriendly = true,			--

Feel free to ask questions if you think it's not explained properly in the lua itself, or discuss your favorite settings.

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i cant get secure all to work for me at all


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