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PiratePerfection advertising video collaboration thread.

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If you guys can make a really good advertisement for us it would be a BIG help.


You can make a storyboard here, discuss footage and effects.

Figure out how should edit, who shoots footage etc.


This golden oldie by december forth is very close to what im looking for


I will promote this video extensively, use it in the future installer and maybe use it on the future splashpage


My thoughts


Short effected logo intro sequence

Funny footage showing cheating, slowmo effects etc, video events speed synced to music intensity.

Ending with footage of user being in bleedout and fading out of life

Outro with www.pirateperfection.com with after effects.


Fitting music for cheater video: 4minutes 16seconds

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Alright sounds good Cap'n, but when you said short effected intro sequence what exactly did you mean by that?

I mean something like our logo bouncing or swirling in and out, any effect you think would be nice


if someone could make a 3d model of the logo, it would make an extraordinary well looking effect, asrien has high res PSD files if that would help

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Alright first things first what kind of font are you looking for, and what color should we aim for?

try to stick with the theme here on forum, Gold and blue preferred.

If you can find a good looking piraty font lets see it, if you want to use the exact same as the logo, ask Please login or register to see this link. which font he used.

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How long do you want the video? I was thinking of using a few FULL LENGTH songs (between 3-4 minutes)

Here is a list, if you want a full length video can you let me know which one you want me to use?
Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company

In This Moment - Blood

In This Moment - Comanche

Walk The Moon - Up 2 U

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

EDIT: Sorry about late reply, I have heavy school work, and tonight I have to make a lab report

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ill agree with five finger deathpunch - bad company


Full lenght video to this would be exceptional.


Good slow sequences for slowmo footage

and agressive parts for explosive action



should end with footage of user being in bleedout

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try use footage from the new dlc maps if possible


The hoxton breakout with the armoured car would be nice setting

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Here is the list of camera shots using the full song of Bad Company by 5 Finger Death Punch (should be 4 minutes 24 seconds long or 4 minutes 25 seconds long

0-7 seconds of random scenery shots

8 seconds, shot of the group
12 seconds, showing up at the target
17 seconds, shot of target
21 seconds, shot of the group approaching the target
28 seconds, shot of group walking around target
31 seconds, man puts on mask
33 seconds man equips shotgun
38 seconds, man equips machine gun <<--- SHOTGUN FITS WITH LYRICS
43 seconds, man approaches guard
47 seconds, man aims at guard
52 seconds, man shoots guard
57 seconds, shoot another guard
1 minute, bagging the bodies
1 minute 6 seconds, shoot civilian
1 minute 10 seconds guard downs a person
1 minute 16 seconds, man goes down
1 minute 21 seconds man approaches downed man
1 minute 26 seconds, man reaches for help
1 minute 30 seconds, man helps downed dude up
1 minute 36 seconds, man gets up
1 minute 40 seconds, civilian running away
1 minute 43 seconds, civilian calls cops
1 minute 48 seconds, man approaches civilian
1 minute 52 seconds, civilian looks at man
Between 1:52 and 2:02 different angles of man looking and aiming gun at civilian
2 minutes 3 seconds, man shoots civilian
2 minutes 13 seconds, cops showing up
2 minutes 17 seconds, opening fire on the cops
2 minutes 22 seconds, cops return fire
2 minutes 26 seconds, heist man goes down
2 minuets 29 seconds, another man goes down while trying to help the other one
2 minutes 32 seconds, previous man was hit by sniperr
2 minutes 35 seconds, shows last mans PoV
2 minutes 38 seconds, last man looks at downed friends
2 minutes 41 seconds, flashes between downed man and cop
2 minutes 43 seconds, runs upstairs
2 minutes 47 seconds, fades to black
2 minutes 50 seconds, re opens to cops aiming upstairs at the man
2 minutes 54 seconds, mans PoV
2 minutes 59 seconds, man starts shooting again
3 minutes 4 seconds, cops return fire
3 minutes 7 seconds, downed friends go into custody
3 minutes 9 seconds, fires grenade at cops
3 minutes 13 seconds, SWAT van shows up
3 minutes 17 seconds, SWAT gets out of car
3 minutes 21 seconds SWAT starts firing
3 minutes 25 seconds, man goes down
3 minutes 28 seconds scenery shots
3 minutes 30 seconds, man opens up hack and clicks revive all
3 minutes 32 seconds, fade black
3 minutes 35 seconds, fade in to PoV of man shooting
3 minutes 38 seconds, group shot of all 3 shooting side by side
3 minutes 43 seconds, automatic shotgun fires at SWAT
3 minutes 47 seconds man deactivates god mode
3 minutes 50 seconds SWAT return fire
3 minutes 55 seconds man returns fire
4 minutes 4 seconds, HEAVY approaches
4 minutes 5 seconds ----- 4 minutes 10 seconds, sniper aims at man, SHIELD approaches
4 minutes 13 seconds, man gets shot
4 minutes 15 seconds, man goes down
4 minutes 17 seconds, mans PoV (lying on he ground)
4 minutes 20 seconds, mission failure
Play outro linking to pirateperfection.com
i you have any suggestions, please place them below (no suggestions about the outro, I am making my own outro for all of PP to use).
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0:41 Shotgun sequence in music

1:58 deathpunch sound (shot of one hit melee kill of a cloaker or dozer would be fitting, boxing gloves would be funny)

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