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Clearly pirate captain has been busy being pirate perfect to multimedia sites and I've been discussing details with him about some of these concepts. As it stands payday 2 is the main focus for the moment but we hope to grow as more then just a trainer and becoming well know for more then that.

Pretty much what I'm looking for are players who speak English well and feel like they may have an interesting personality to bring to the channel

I've mentioned before if this gets enough feedback and it all works out well I myself will release some rewards to the community.

I've already decided anyone who passes the initial interview phase are eligible to have an intro and outro made in cinema 4D by me once I produce the network logo I can show the off some decent examples.

Finally the games I plan on running along side payday 2 include but are not limited to

- Gmod

- Men of war


- Smite

- Minecraft

- and many more I can't bring off the top of my head

You do not have to own any of the previous games to qualify you only need to own payday 2 if you cheat or not doesn't bother me unless your just running around killing every cop in the map or just running the fun for other players in general

Not saying cheating isn't allowed just don't throw on every abusive hack in the game I expect a little moderation and maturity there and again I'm not gonna remove you from this project for doing something stupid immediately especially if it makes some funny content

Feel free to list your channels below if your interested and pm me a Skype name if possible I'm not making my judgment on your channels and their content its just some prerequisite requests

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Skype: PMing you now. However I rarely get on Skype as I used to be Headstaff on a 2 million player Minecraft server, and all I get is spam messages.

BTW I got banned from CS:GO and BF4. I still play Titanfall though :)

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