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Mod Suggestions?

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So while I am starting up this mod section, I am going to post a lot of what I know to be the "more popular" mods, but I am myself not perfect. I do have my own personal bias (biases, biaseses? idfk).


If you have any mods that you like, that you think others would like, and more importantly that you think are PURELY AWESOME, feel free to post about them here, share some screenshots and reasons why you think they are great.




1. Porn is to be kept to the "NSFW" Sub Forum

2. Just because YOU like that one particular anime, TV show, does not mean that everyone will. Try to post things that will appeal to MULTIPLE people's interests, not just your own.

3. The more obscure, the better. Let's get some mods that are GOOD and maybe not as well known by the vast majority.

4. Check to see if I or someone else has posted the mod before. 

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I want the adult mods into the NSFW section please... just a quick reminder :whistling:

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My favorite is Skyrim: Perfectly Modded, it has a super stable and beautiful, mostly lore friendly pack of mods.  It contains 600+ of the most popular mods available all troubleshot and script compiled for you.  Really all you have to do to run the game is:

1. Make a 100GB partition called 'Skyrim(X:)'

2. Copy Skyrim Legendary Edition to the partition

3. Download and extract 'Skyrim Perfectly Modded.rar' into 'Skyrim(X:) Skyrim'

4. Run MO (Mod Organizer) from the file and youre good to go.


There are more detailed instructions here :

Please login or register to see this link.


Also you can tweak your enb ini's and adjust the game's settings as you see fit.  The MCM list inside of Skyrim is immense and well done.  The ENB choice is a nice one but if you prefer others. They come already packed inside the folder ready for you to extract and apply as you see fit!  If you have any questions just shoot me a message or Rotten on the perfectly modded forum.

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