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I'm trying to change the number of how many packages can spawn in a job (normal: 2, DW: 10 etc), but I haven't found any way yet. The numbers are stored in GageAssignmentTweakData.NUM_ASSIGNMENT_UNITS (in the decompiled gageassignmenttweakdata.lua) (or just I haven't found them anywhere else). Tried to change it, hijack every function where this variable is used, but the game keeps ignoring it.

Anyone can help me to solve it? :D

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You should take a look at GageAssignmentManager:on_unit_spawned(unit) function in gageassignmentmanager.lua


Then take a look at this part of code:

local max_units = self._tweak_data:get_num_assignment_units() //From this function game gets max. amount of gage packages can be spawned.
local counted_units = 0
counted_units = counted_units + (self._spawned_units and #self._spawned_units or 0)
counted_units = counted_units + (self._queued_spawned_units and #self._queued_spawned_units or 0)
if max_units <= counted_units then
    unit:set_slot(0) //Queue to remove unit
    return false


As you can see, if here are max. amount of packages spawned already, then just spawned package just being removed. You may fix it in 2 ways:

  • You may cut down check for maximum amount of spawned units
  • You may hijack this function: get_num_assignment_units(), so it returns your value.

Ofcourse you may do this in many different ways, mainly you got the idea.

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Changing GageAssignmentTweakData:get_num_assignment_units does nothing.

backuper:hijack('GageAssignmentTweakData.get_num_assignment_units', function()
	return 1

I can see the logs in the console, but ther're more than one package.


GageAssignmentManager:on_unit_spawned isn't used, hence hijacking it does nothing too. :(

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bakacs2, try hijacking function from table located in "managers".

managers.gage_assignment._tweak_data.get_num_assignment_units = function() return 777 end


You may also take a look at GageAssignmentBase table.

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