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ctd's theory due to lvl manipulation

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not sure if this has been posted around. 

i have been able to narrow down and recreate ctd's (crash to desktop)

this is what im noticing

changing the level or infamy level of you character without a heist win and shutting down the game will result in up to 5 CTD's in a row when you restart the game.  5 ctd's is max if have had.

doing this i has brought up a pregame menu asking if i want to use a older save...this doesnt happen all the time and i think it happens only when the game/steam and whatever else cant sync or verify your save after x ammounts game starts.

also, if you use the levels above 100 and quit the game and restart it im noticing the same ctd's and save popup menu as mentioned above.


so, i can change levels all i want in game for hours and before quitting the game return the level to a normal level and win a heist and all is good, no ctd's!

hope this might some out there.


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