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The HiVE

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Hmm... Let's see, Acca Dacca (AC/DC), Def Leopard, The Commitments, KISS, Stevie Wright, Joe Cocker, The Steve Miller Band, Richard Clapton, The Living End, The Choir Boys, The Radiators, Rose Tattoo, Machine Gun Fellatio, Helmet, Foo Fighters, Guns 'N' Roses... ...Actually, you know what, before this ends up getting into a massive, 1920x1440 res stealing page of bands; just compare the rock bands/artists I like under the standard "Australia Rock Culture" folder, and you'll probs not find a single one missing/not liked <.>;...

EDIT: Ooo! OOO! Meatloaf. Yeeeeeeeeaaah... Rock opera. (...On a totally unrelated note, Jesus' Tittyfuck, am I loose when it comes to music...) Edited by The HiVE

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phew rock lets see...

we have pink floyd, led zeppelin, deep purple, depeche mode, jethro thull, jimi hendrix, black sabbath, the ramones, queen, the kinks, kiss, gorillaz.

im pretty damn sure half of these bands dosnt even count as rock but ffs i am count them to it...

aaaand now im realising that this list is nearly full of british bands :D

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