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Exposing the "Anti-Cheat"

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In this topic, I would like to request what people find in their files, data phishing, extracting, and so forth to obtain the anti-cheat within payday 2 for evaluation purposes.

I strongly believe if we're all able to see the anti-cheat's coding as a community we'll get a better understanding on how it works. If we all have a better understanding on how it works we'll be able to do a lot more to assist the community regarding testing and perhaps even creating new content and/or snipplets boosting the activity within this sub forum.

One primary reason I'd like to see this is due to the fact I have some ideas that I'd like to code but I'd prefer to see the anti-cheat's source beforehand. I haven't looked deep into my files yet, but allowing it to be exposed here would be fairly nice seeing it's a closed community so to speak. I mean let's be realistic here, who here wouldn't want to see the source code of their anti-cheating system to get a better understanding on how they plan to catch cheaters? We can see how weak or strong they really are and predict their next move.

Remember, two eyes are better than one. The more people that contribute the more we can find out which generates more content for the community.

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