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Davy Jones

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Ohh... I'm twelve...

In the wee early years when the original Pirate Perfection had just entered its double digits, I made a tiny little 5 or so line script that consisted of cobbled together lines I connected the dots to, to make simple teleportation, something I thought "Why hasn't anyone else done this yet?"  Welp, that's because there's Freeflight and the Penetrative Teleport script, but f*** it, I've had this scrap of code laying around for so long its about time I dust it off and give it out, maybe someone will use it, but probably not.  Be free, tiny... pointless child...


  1. Download the file, throw it in ' trainer / addons '          Download:    piratepoof.lua
  2. Add the following line to whichever keyboard file you use, and you're done, you can change the key of course:
	['num /'] = { callback = handled_callback('trainer/addons/piratepoof.lua'), no_stuck = true },



  1. Click the bound button once to mark one point, you'll get a message.
  2. Click the bound button again somewhere else, you'll go back to the other.
  3. Repeat step 2.
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Davy Jones

It was?  It must have been in one of the paid versions then, because I have a backup of my old PP 16 copy and I don't ever remember seeing a point-to-point teleportation script, but maybe I missed it.

EDIT:  Just went through all the files of PP 16 that I have, it either was in one of the paid versions, if that was a thing then, or I deleted it at some point, because the only type of teleportation except for Free Flight in my backup was this script when I kept moving it over from version to version.

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