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Almirghty Taco

PAYDAY 2: Enemy Visual Update

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Almirghty Taco
What’s good Heisters?
Today is the last day of the Steam Summer Sale and it looks like our dear friends in law enforcement freed up some budget to upgrade their gear.

With today’s update, we are not only filling the missing spaces for the ZEALs, but also took a second look at our full units lineup, that has been evolving over the years. Our main goal was to increase the readability on each difficulty and between all the individual units to help players decide their next target while being in a pickle. To do that, we looked at the individual units and tried to identify, what makes this unit unique, like for example the color scheme of the Taser, you’ll find more information further down.

The ZEAL Cloaker returns and with him comes the new ZEAL Taser. Besides the two new entries, all ZEAL Dozers received a new helmet design making them hard to miss in the crowd. Last but not least, we did slight adjustments on both the normal and heavy units, to make them better fit their forerunners from the lower difficulties.

If you have ever been tazed in the middle of the heat, you know that these guys are no joke! While adding the new ZEAL Taser we decided to take it a step further and adjust his small brother as well. Both of them are now carrying a yellow weapon that is hard to forget once it was pointed at you from close range. Last but not least we updated the rest of their armor to better fit their iconic blue and yellow theme.

We removed the shoulder pads and head torches from all normal units to make them even more distinguishable from their heavy partners. Additional we toned down the helmets and vests throughout all difficulties. All heavy units are now carrying a head torch emphasizing their silhouette. On Mayhem and above, we added some tan color to reflect their OVERKILL forerunner and make them easier to read within a crowd of enemies.

The full list of our changes can be found further down in the changelog!

The Steam Summer Sale ends in a few hours. For everyone who missed the chance to far, now is the time to get your friends in, upgrade our game or play some classic!
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Looking slick,
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Update 183.0 Changelog
Update size: 124.0 Mb

  • Implemented the description to the Duke safes legendary
  • Added missing winky face to the description on the “The Almir” mask
  • Re-added the ZEAL Cloaker to the spawn pool
  • Implemented the ZEAL Taser to the spawn pool
Enemy visuals
  • Removed the shoulder pads and helmet attachments from the normal units
  • Darkened the helmets on the light units on Overkill and above
  • Remodeled the ZEAL normal unit
  • Updated the textures on the light Overkill unit
  • Updated the textures on the light Mayhem/Death Wish unit
  • Added the helmet attachments to the heavy units on Overkill and above
  • Updated the textures on the heavy Mayhem/Death Wish unit
  • Remodeled the ZEAL heavy unit
  • Updated the textures on the ZEAL heavy unit
  • Updated the textures on the regular Taser unit
  • Updated the textures on the regular Cloaker
  • Updated the textures on the Medic
  • Remodeled the Medic Bulldozer
  • Remodeled the Minigun Bulldozer
  • Updated the textures on all ZEAL Bulldozers
  • Implemented the correct visor on all the ZEAL Bulldozers

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