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Davy Jones

Mask Clean-up Menu

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Davy Jones

Mask Clean-up Menu
(Remove Those Pesky "Return to Stash" Masks)

Over a long period of time, I've seen a number of requests to remove masks from the stash without having to completely empty your inventory, or reset your character.  Well, this is for those who hate to see those extra masks lying around that you've collected from adding masks to your inventory.

This does not solve incorrect quality masks, such as normal Halloween masks, but specific fixes can be arranged for you if you ask nicely.


Step One (Download):  First you'll need to get the necessary files that create this menu...
Provided here:  


Step Two (Install):  Take the file you just downloaded, and move it to your 'PAYDAY 2' folder.  'mask_cleanup.lua' is the file that creates the menu, however, you need to also bind it to a key.  Depending on which setup you use, open 'keyconfig.lua' or 'keyconfig_laptop.lua' in Notepad++ or some other advanced text editor (not regular Notepad) and add the following line to the similar looking section at the bottom of the file, just as how the others are formatted:

    ['m'] = { callback = handled_callback('mask_cleanup.lua'), no_stuck = true },


Step Three (Usage):  You can now open up the game, and at the main menu press the M key on your keyboard (or the key you rebound it to, if you did so).  From that menu, you will be shown a list of all the masks that you cannot sell currently in your stash.
These do not include the ones you have crafted in your inventory, so your custom masks are safe.
Everything is broken down into categories, individual DLCs, Infamy masks, etc., and have the number in your stash displayed next to each.
Once you locate the masks you wish to remove, simply click on the mask, and you will be greeted with a confirmation screen, where you can then press "Remove Masks" to confirm removal.


Step Four (Uninstall):  This is just the reverse of the install, delete 'mask_cleanup.lua' and go back to your key-binding file ('keyconfig.lua' or 'keyconfig_laptop.lua') and delete the line you added.



  1. Although it is not necessary, if you want to guarantee that the masks you remove do not reappear next time you launch the game, enter the Safehouse, purchase a gun, anything that forces the game to save will do.
  2. If you accidentally manage to select a mask, and continue through the confirmation screen and did not wish to remove said mask, simply go through Pirate Perfection's Main Menu, to the Specific Inventory Menu and re-add the mask you removed.
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En 12/7/2015 at 22:38 , Davy Jones dijo:

where do I install the lua file? its dosen't work for some reason pls I need help with this 


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when I put the code, the trainer stop working and never open the mask cleanup menu, help

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