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Unlock all gage boosts [help]

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so ive been trying to get a script that will unlock all gage boosts from crime sprees. this is what i have. as you can tell, probably, ive been expirementing with the unlocking assets script. I have changed all "asset" to "gage_boost" except in the names of the string of code. But anyway, i had no luck. anyone can point out what im doing wrong? +( i dont really know how to access the live files like "managers", so im pretty much guessing.)

-- Unlock all assets
-- Author: Simplity

local managers = managers

local M_assets = managers.gage_boosts
local unlock_asset = M_assets.unlock_gage_boost

local session = managers.network:session()
local send_to_host = session.send_to_host
local is_server = Network:is_server()

for _,gage_boost_id in pairs(M_assets:get_all_gage_boost_ids( true )) do
    if is_server then
        unlock_asset( M_assets, gage_boost_id )
        send_to_host( session, "server_unlock_asset", gage_boost_id )



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