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Console Commands

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cl_attachedmodels                        : Show/Hide weapon attachments.
cl_meleecrosshair                        : Show/Hide melee weapon crosshairs.
cl_motionblur                            : Draw motion blur.
cl_pvk2_dropweapons                      : Enable/Disable weapon dropping on death.
cl_ragdoll_enable                        : Enable ragdolls.
cl_ragdoll_lifetime                      : How long ragdolls remain.
cl_ragdoll_limit                         : How many ragdolls allowed at any given time.
cl_showplstatus                          : Show player special status.
cl_stickyprojectiles_enable              : Show/Hide projectiles in players.
cl_stickyprojectiles_limit               : Limit number of projectiles to allow.
cl_stickyprojectiles_ragdoll             : Show/Hide in dead bodies.
fillspecial                              : Fills the special bar.
g_ragdoll_lifetime                       : Length of time to show dead ragdolls.
hud_showtimers                           : Show/Hide timers.
moveplayer                               : Forces a player to change team.  Format: moveplayer <userid> <team>
moveplayerid                             : Forces a player to change team.  Format: moveplayer <userid> <team>
mp_autoteambalance                       : Forced team balancing
mp_filterdeadchat                        : Should dead player's chat be visible to player's alive
mp_holygrail_killmultiplier              : The number of kills required to win the game is the total number of players multiplied by this value.
mp_holygrail_maxkills                    : Don't allow the number of kills required to win the game to be more than this value.
mp_holygrail_minkills                    : Don't allow the number of kills required to win the game to be less than this value.
mp_killdelay                 : Amount of time in seconds it takes for the 'kill' command to kill the player using it.
mp_limitteams                            : Max. allowed diference between team player counts
mp_randsuddendeath                       : Controls the chance for sudden death to occur at start of the round. Values run from 0 to 1.
mp_restartround                          : Restart round in X seconds
mp_roundlimit                            : Round limit in number of rounds
mp_roundtime                             : round duration in minutes
mp_roundtimer_lastteamstanding           : Round time for Last Team Standing gamemode
mp_shuffleplayers                        : Shuffles players in the server between the three teams equally
mp_suddendeathtime                       : Time in seconds that Sudden Death Mode will last
mp_timelimit_waitroundend                : Wait for the end of round before changing map
mp_winlimit                              : Win limit in number of rounds
status_pvk2                 : Shows Playername, SteamID and Parrot Name of all players in the server.
updateplstatus                           : Updates the showing of dev status for the client issuing the command

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