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Almirghty Taco

A Trip to Hell's Island

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Almirghty Taco
Please login or register to see this link. [www.overkillsoftware.com]
Follow Rachel Riggs from CNM News as she continues her investigation into the mysterious USB device she received yesterday. It seems like it contained some strange files that have spurred her interest. Something is not quite right... but her sharp eye has picked up on a clue that may blow this case wide open. More info at Please login or register to see this link. [www.overkillsoftware.com]

M13 Pistol and Tanto Knife
On top of her investigation into the USB, Rachel has also caught wind of a shipment of guns being smuggled into the country. Her info points towards a shipment of pistols, a rare kind not often seen among heisters.

The M13 Pistol is a small concealable pistol that can easily be used in stealth and crit builds. Along with the Tanto Knife, you can hide your arsenal from the prying eyes of guards and civilians.

Hell’s Island
As Rachel is swimming out in deep waters, the PAYDAY gang is gearing up for a new job. Locke has finally gotten a lead on Bain's location, and it's up to the gang to get him back.

Suit up, lock and load. You won’t be sneaking in here, we go in loud and get Bain back.
Let's just hope we make it in time…

Confirmed Thrills
To go along with the new heist we have a brand new track from Le Castle Vania.
Confirmed Thrills is a song I wrote to fuse together the sound of my two different music projects. It has the gritty electro sound and four on the floor beat of Le Castle Vania as well as the more urban bass music sound of my other alias Twin Moons. This is my first time fusing these sounds together in this way. I hope you have as much fun shooting things to this song as I had making it!
-Le Castle Vania

Missing a DLC or two? The Crimefest Sale on Please login or register to see this link. is currently active with a 85% discount, while Please login or register to see this link. is on a 50% discount!

Time to Rock and Roll,
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Update 190 Changelog
Update size: 849.5 Mb

  • Fixed an issue that allowed player under level 60 to enter Crime Spree

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