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Almirghty Taco

Gabriella's Report

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Almirghty Taco
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It seems like more and more evidence of illegal gun smuggling is surfacing. What could be the reason and is there any connection to the nuke? Follow Rachel Riggs latest clues on Please login or register to see this link. [www.overkillsoftware.com]

New Weapons
Rachel received a bunch of papers that look a bit like weapon schematics. Are those the weapons that Gabriella talked about in her report about gun smuggling in D.C.?

The Claire 12G Shotgun - Sending a message has never been easier. Blast not once, but twice with this double barreled secondary western cannon.

The MTAR21 Assault Rifle - Thanks to its compact size and high rate of fire, this performance rifle will fit the needs of most heisters, loud or stealth.

DECA Technologies Compound Bow - When bows are your jam, but you want to look like a professional. Slap a sight on this bad boy and you have a precision instrument.

New Safe Rotation
During times like Crimefest we always feel a bit nostalgic. This time, instead of adding a new Safe, we felt like adding old Safes, in fact, quite a lot of them. All Community Safes got back into the rotation with a slightly higher drop chance than our own drill-free Safes that we produced over the last years. Last but not least, with a very rare drop chance, we re-added our old Event Safes.

Community Safes
  • Community Armor Safe
  • Community Safe 1
  • Community Safe 2
  • Community Safe 3
  • Community Safe 4
  • Community Safe 5
  • Community Safe 6
  • Community Safe 7
Developer Safes
  • Armor Safe
  • Armor Safe: WW2
  • Aldstone's Heritage Safe
  • Biker Safe
  • Chains Safe
  • Duke Safe
  • Hoxton Safe
  • John Wick Safe
  • Sangres Safe
  • Scarface Safe
Event Safes
  • Christmas Safe
  • First World Safe
  • Goat Safe
  • Slaughter Safe

It’s time for archery class,
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Update 191 Changelog
Update size: 129.6 Mb

  • Fixed an issue where error strings would show in the Story Line
  • Fixed the achievement descriptions for the Hell’s Island heist

Hell’s Island
  • Fixed an issue where the light Murky units would have the wrong stats
  • Fixed that players would crash when shooting the turret with a sniper and graze skill

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