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Almirghty Taco

A Walk Down Memory Lane

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Almirghty Taco
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Rachel’s research has taken her very far already, now she’s looking into an incident from years ago. Could the big New York hospital fire in 2012 really be the whole story about what happened that night? Or was it all a cover-up for something more sinister? She needs to dig deeper into this and find out more. Follow the investigation at the Please login or register to see this link. [www.overkillsoftware.com]

Mercy Hospital
Could this old hospital have a connection to the other things on this USB stick?
What really happened all those years ago?
Did the public really get to hear the true story?

The No Mercy heist has been added to PAYDAY 2. We revisit the past in this final classic heist. Play No Mercy just like in the days of old but with all the bells and whistles of PAYDAY 2. We recall the heist fondly, with its tense moments in the narrow hallways surrounded by swats on every side.

Stainless Steel Syringe
Dr. Tobolsky’s “Stainless Steel Syringe” has long been appreciated for its large dosage capabilities in the medical field. Its sturdy build has made it an unconventional, but not uncommon, weapon among heisters. It holds enough poison to last an entire heist, resulting in a slow death for anyone unlucky enough to get stung.

Code Silver 2018
With the return of the No Mercy heist, we also revisit the classic track Code Silver. This is what the composer Simon Viklund had to say about the opportunity to bring the track into 2018.
Returning to Code Silver was a blast! I've always been proud of the 'hook' in the original song, but I also thought its production could benefit from some improvement. You know - more layers of synthesizers, more room, harder hitting drums - so I added extra everything. Plus the song works in triplet rhythm too - so I made two different assault loops with slightly different flavors. Oh, and you can never go wrong with rock guitars. Have a listen
-Simon Viklund

Less then a week left of the Crimefest Sale on Please login or register to see this link. , get it now at a 85% discount, or pick up Please login or register to see this link. at a 50% discount!

It feels like something's in the air...
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Update 192 Changelog
Update size: 542.3 Mb

  • The Taser’s head should not be as reflective now.

  • Tweaks to first person position of the Claire 12G Shotgun, MTAR 21 Rifle and the DECA Technologies Compound Bow.
  • The animation when being tased while using the TAR 21 Rifle will no longer clip with the camera.
  • Tweaks to the visuals of Kento’s Tanto.
  • The iron sights of the M13 9mm Pistols should not flicker anymore.

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