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I originally found PP because I wanted to do PD:TH Secret but didn't have anyone to play with. Back then, the trainer had an option to activate the secret Solo, so you didn't have to have 4 players standing in the correct positions.

If it is at all possible, I would suggest the idea of a simple button-press for proccing the PD2 Secret solo. You could still have it so that you need all prerequisite requirements such as the Safehouse puzzle and achievements completed, but not having to have 3 other players with the same progress in your lobby.

I haven't played PD2 in months, nor have any of my old buddies. I'd like to finish the story, but don't want to browse endless lobbies to do it. I still remember getting other 4 person achievements and what a nightmare that was.

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Mr. Cake

I would very much like to see this option too.

And if I'm not mistaking this is for the white house job, where you can activate the end puzzle/secret (Just if anyone didn't catch it)

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